Big Spider's Back

MUSIC I ♥ Band: Big Spider's Back

I'm a rational full-grown man. Few things should frighten me. That being said, I will squeal like a little schoolgirl if I see a spider. Seriously - these things freak the bejaysus out of me. Big ones are the worst, however, this particularly Big Spider is ok with me.

Dreamy, abstract chillwave with the usual lo-fi production that is so it right now is what this one man musical project is all about. It works. Really well. This is music that captures that shimmering glaze of sunlight reflecting off the water at a sunset party on the beach.

'Black Chow' is Big Spider's Back's stand out track from the current album, 'Memory Man', and has been picked up by various indie rock playlists, but I have to say that 'Perfect Machine' and 'Warped' are my favourite tracks, from his earlier EPs. 'Perfect Machine' sounding a little more polished then some of his other songs and certainly having more pop crossover appeal, though I suppose lo-fi purists would say that something of the initial magic is lost as a consequence? Pah - this is great music and on repeat on my iPod.

Big Spider's Back - 'Black Chow'

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