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So you're band has done the gigging thing, done the local interviews thing, done the rave reviews in the local music rags, picked up a record contract, blahdy blah blah. Are you on TV? Daytona Lights are.

This English five-piece band joined the cast of teenage soap opera, Hollyoaks, in 2011 playing themselves. An unusual concept, the producers of Hollyoaks believing that their show could become something more than a watered down version of Skins and instead become a lifestyle and music platform that would promote upcoming artists whilst maintaining it's soap format. For a band looking to take the next step towards the big time, I'm sure that this can be seen as a great opportunity (though I have concerns about whether it's really worked that well and that it doesn't all come across as a bit cheesy?). Far from being a novelty act (national press having drawn comparisons to PJ and bloody Duncan rather than discussing their music), Daytona Lights actually have released some great songs!

This band makes festival music, catchy, poppy, anthemic guitar music that is delivered with serious swagger - you can't help but smile and you will dance if you get to see them live!

'Lillian' is the song that the band is best known for and it really is a fantastic tune. Full of the joys of summer, this is ska tinged, new wave pop at it's finest. 'White Horses' is also a belter that has had more than a few plays on my iPod and is worth giving your ears a dose of. The band recently dropped their debut album, 'This Modern Landscape' on Hubris records. Go and get it, listen to it, tell your friends to do the same and hopefully we can save this band from having to appear on Hollyoaks any more!!

Unfortunately I haven't been able to source any media file links to give you a little demo, so you'll have to go over to their website or their myspace or something...

What do you reckon to their being in Hollyoaks?

Label | Hubris

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