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I don't have any Dutch Uncles but if I did, I would like them to be these guys... Though I might actually be older than them. A good friend of mine put me onto this band on the suggestion that their music would be right up my street. He was right. I love this band and it seems that I am not alone. In fact this band is so cool and so popular that every other cool and popular band wants to work with them. It's Dutch Uncles remix crazy out there (you remix me, I remix you). This is NOT a bad thing!

Straight outta Stockport, this English band were widely tipped as the next big band since they dropped 'Cadenza' last year on Memphis Industries. They deserve the praise. Vocally they remind me a little of Phoenix but their music is somewhat (dare I say it) more sophisticated. It's clear that the band have heavily been influenced by bands such as Talking Heads and The Smiths, but there is a hint of the late 80s/early 90s Manchester electronic rock movement about them that somehow makes their music timeless and yet very on point for right now. However, unlike many bands that came out of that movement, these guys can actually sing and play music! Unlike many of their contemporaries, they're not all cool guitar riffs and synthesizers either, the vocals and music are in perfect harmony and thus it's easy to see how this band are appealing. You just gotta listen to 'Cadenza'.

Also, where do I get that shirt??

Dutch Uncles - 'Cadenza'

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