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I'm a sucker for bands with weird, abstract names. Sometimes I know that I am going to like a band before I've even heard any of their music, just because I think the name is cool. You know that you're the same... 

Gauntlet Hair is one of those bands that I knew I was going to like. I haven't a clue what the name is about (perhaps somebody can enlighten me?) but they certainly delivered on my bizarre expectations. This is a band that I do really like. Hailing from somewhere in Colorado, Gauntlet Hair really is the pinnacle of the lo-fi, shoegaze revival movement right now. Funky, dreamy, rhythmic tunes overlaid with lazy distorted vocals and plenty of hazy reverb - this is what it would sound like if The Mars Volta and MGMT came together to do chillwave. That's why this band has been getting hipsters everywhere so hot and bothered.

The guys recently signed with Dead Oceans and put out the wonderful self-titled album (one of my GA4L picks) which includes the crackers 'Top Bunk' and 'Keep Time', but earlier tracks 'I Was Thinking...' and 'Out, Don't' are also mos def worth downloading. This is music to get high to (#justsayno).

FYI, these guys are touring the UK in Feb so get on the ticket buzz (I'll see you at the London show).

 Gauntlet Hair - 'I Was Thinking'

I've seen this band, amongst others, described as fuckwave... interesting name for a genre. Kind of sums it up in an ironic way. What other cool genre names are there? I like hate-gaze too, oh yeah, and post-urbandepressive...

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Label | Dead Oceans

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