The History of Apple Pie

MUSIC I ♥ Band: The History of Apple Pie

First of all, I think this band has a great name! However, it makes me hungry and thus this review comes with a warning... you could get fat listening to The History of Apple Pie!! This London based band has been making big waves over the last year or so for their incredible happy, floaty (that's a word), hazy songs. A sort-of gaze approach to noise-pop/dream pop but more fun then the vast number of unremarkable bands currently populating those genres. Rave reviews across the blogosphere for a new band aren't unheard of but then consider this - the band has only just released their debut single 'You're So Cool', they are still unsigned and they haven't released any albums. This is a band to watch (and to listen) out for.

The band is currently touring so keep an eye out for any local gigs.

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