Hooray for Earth

MUSIC I ♥ Band: Hooray for Earth

A big Hooray for Earth. Yay us!

This is a band that can do no wrong. In a quest to find a single Hooray for Earth song that I didn't like I failed. Instead, I kept finding new songs to fall in love with. This band is just so much awesome! Hailing from the capital of cool, NYC, this band is it right now. Finding inspiration in the misery and doom-mongering of the current global climate, Hooray for Earth have managed to put out upbeat fun tracks that borrow from chillwave, synth-pop, indietronica and post-punk to make something altogether distinct. Anthemic songs that your head is just going to move along to with or without your being aware... let it move, it's good for you. Beautiful, new wave style vocals add to magnificent drumlines, guitars, squeaks and bleeps, the result being tracks that I would love to be the soundtrack to a montage of my life.

'Comfortable, Comparable', reminds me of a Daft Punk video, there's a hint of futuristic epic about it, (actually, this is very characteristic of what this band is all about) whilst 'No Love' is, perhaps, my favourite song at the moment. Starting with an eighties pop song feel this song builds and builds and has a chorus that will stay in your head for the rest of the week. Layer upon layer,  this song is richly complex and very well put together.

"this time no love is what i need,
but I want to want to love
I want to want to learn..."

'True Loves', the title track from the album, is also excellent and well-worth getting on to your favourites playlist. 'True Loves' is out now on Dovecote.

Hooray for Earth - 'True Loves'

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