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I love Denmark even though I've never been there... (though it looks like I'll get out there to visit friends in the next month or so - fingers crossed), but I love that country. The Danes gave us delish danish pastries, cookies, bacon and butter! My love of food aside, they also keep on giving us great bands.

The Kissaway Trail is just another great band in a long line of Danish luminaries. Now you might be forgiven for thinking that this band is going to be a bit emo, given it's name and the band's stylised haircuts but you would be wrong. Nonetheless, it's quite clear that this band have drawn some inspiration from the emo scene and turned it into catchy, indie pop music. 

"yeah, the young ones did it, 
the young one's did it tonight..."

Now, if you didn't already know this band, chances are you've heard their song 'New Lipstick' somewhere as advertisers and TV execs seem to love using it at the moment. It's a great song, energetic and charged whilst simultaneously maintaining a delicacy through the use of fragile vocals over punchy drum patterns and angular guitar riffs. This is very characteristic of the band and is employed again to excellent effect on 'Beat Your Heartbeat'. 'Painter' is a little more emotional and folksy reminiscent of Arcade Fire, which is surely a good thing.

Their album, 'Sleep Mountain' (yes, it's a GA4L), was released back in 2010 on Bella Union and the band are back in the studio working on new material which I cannot wait to hear though it's likely to be on a different tip given the departure of Rune Pederson and Daniel Skjoldmose. Also worth checking out is Søren Corneliussen's side project, The Pinecone Cheer.

 The Kissaway Trail - 'New Lipstick'

I have to make a point of getting to see these guys perform at the next available opportunity. Have you been? Good show? Perhaps you know some other Danish bands worth getting into... let me know.

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