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I saw this movie when it first came out in 2007 and have been recommending it to friends and family since. I watched it again last night. It's a classic. Ryan Gosling (hispter hero - look at his shirts, jumpers, jackets, mo and uggs!) plays Lars, a deluded young man who lives in the converted garage of his childhood home (now inhabited by his brother and his brother's wife) following the death of their father. It transpires that Lars' mother died during his birth and that he feels his father resented him for this ever since and thus he had a poor relationship with his father. He is incredibly awkward and socially inept much to the concern of his brother and sister-in-law.

One day Lars announces that he has met someone special and the couple are invited to dine in the family house. It is then revealed that Lars' partner, Bianca, is in fact a sex doll that he has ordered off the internet. His brother freaks out and seeks the advice of a therapist as to how best to deal with his brother's latest weird turn. The therapist believes that this situation is Lars' trying to resolve his psychological issues and that they should let this play out. Baffled, but concerned for their brother's health and welfare they agree to go along with his bizarre relationship. Long story short, Bianca gets a job (I'm not kidding) and the entire population of his small hometown get behind Lars and go along with the story. I won't ruin the ending. You have to watch this movie - it's great! Another affirmation of Ryan Gosling's excellent acting credentials.

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