MUSIC | I ♥ Band: Oberhofer

If you like Guards, GOBBLE GOBBLE and unoumedude then you need to know about this young artist. Oberhofer has been making waves for the last year or so, especially since being picked up by Josh Blalock over at BIRP who has included several Oberhofer tracks in his eponymous playlists.

His infectious indie pop tunes will stick in your head for weeks and you can't help but find yourself singing along. A slight lo-fi quality to his recordings only serves to enhance the raw edge to his vocals which overlap delicious electronic tinged indie pop music. Here's hoping 2012 is a big year for this talented, up and coming artist!

My favourite tracks are 'Away FRM U' and 'I Could Go'. Guaranteed that you will be whistling these tunes incessantly!

Pick up his latest EP 'oO0OoO0Oo' and you won't be disappointed.

Oberhofer - 'Away FRM U'

Label | Unsigned

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