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A dude I was in university with was nicknamed Odd Socks. Not beacuse he had a penchant for ironically mismatching (yet kind of matching) way, but because he genuinely wore completely odd socks, often decorated with holes and suspicious stains.
But perhaps this lack of planning is cool and thus he was cooly mismatching before it was cool? That's actually pretty cool.

Anyways, socks being the last creative outlet available to a sensible man (I'm not going to wear ironic Elton John sunglasses or fluorescent shoelaces or any of that nonsense - leave that to the kids), I've been sneakily doing the odd socks thing for a while. The best way to do it is to wear socks of the same material, length and style, albeit that the colours and the patterns mightn't match. That way it doesn't look like you just put on whatever socks smelled clean when you dived into the pile in the corner of your room.

Incidentally, I used to work for a snotty corporate law firm... my sock taste was noted and I was called upon it by one of the senior partners. Fo' real? What about you? Any good sock stories...

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