PEPEPIANO is the music project of Californian student David Bird. His music is inspired by his ongoing love affair with retro futurist art resulting in what has been described as electro spacefunk. For the sake of classification, I'll label PEPEPIANO as chillwave, though I hasten to add that his music is more upbeat and harmony driven then many of his glo-fi chillwave peers. His immaculate bedroom production and funky indietronic melodies has ensured that his tunes have been well received by the independent music press and several of his songs have been included on various notable playlist distributions. It should be noted that his astounding production skills have been put to good use on a number of remixes also.

I'd recommend giving your ears a dose of 'Millenium Wet Dream' or 'I Understand You' off the current album 'King' on Speaker Snacks.

Label | Speaker Snacks

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