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MUSIC I ♥ Band: Pinewood Derby

This is not just a review but a plea! I really love this band but, as far as I am aware, they are currently on hiatus and are discussing getting back together to release more material. Please Pinewood Derby, please... more of your beautiful, alt. country inspired, jangly indie pop! I freakin love you guys! Hit their Myspace up with requests for the same.

Having formed in 2005 in Massachusetts, Pinewood Derby turned more than a few heads with their catchy songs and, apparently, fantastic live shows (I say apparently as I've never had the privilege to bear witness). They remained unsigned but were picked up by various Indie Rock playlists and the IndieFeed podcast which broadcast and distributed their two stand-out early releases, 'Ivy on Stone' and 'Wash Your Hands',  (both on the 'Pinewood Derby EP') to thousands of new fans. Alas, the band then ceased to be, despite rumours that they had signed to an independent label and were working on a debut album.

Last year, the band teased fans with an announcement that they would be reforming and releasing new material but I wonder if there has been any development on that front?

Fun, vibrant songs with charged but delicate vocals, I wish more people knew about these guys. Their not on SoundCloud so I've had to post a media link from their MySpace page for the track 'Ivy on Stone'.

Ivy on Stone Demo

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