Pull Tiger Tail

MUSIC I ♥ Band: Pull Tiger Tail

Alas this band is no more. Sigh. I really liked Pull Tiger Tail (still do, in fact). This English trio disbanded in 2009, four years after they formed at university. Their brand of post-punk inspired indie rock was highly charged and yet still maintained pop appeal. Coupled with intelligent, cheeky lyrics it is of little surprise that this band achieved borderline cult status. Prolific gigging helped build up a solid fanbase and the attention of the music press (thus resulting in numerous tracks on playlists and magazine CDs), however they never really capitalised on their increasing success. In fact, despite signing to Young & Lost Club Records almost immediately after forming, it took until 2009 for their debut album, 'PAWS' to get released (accompanied shortly thereafter with the announcement that they would be splitting up).

Their first single, 'Animator' is perhaps their best known track and is worth checking out. Also excellent are 'Loki', 'Let's Lightning' and 'Even Good Kids Make Bad Sports'.

Jack Hamson has since become the drummer for Noah & The Whale.

Pull Tiger Tail - 'Animator'

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