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MUSIC | I ♥ Band: Ricky Eat Acid

I don't know who Ricky is but judging by this Baltimore, MD based band's music Ricky obviously has been munching away on acid. Ricky Eat Acid have been getting a lot of attention of late, particularly on the blogosphere, for their distorted, gorgeous glo-fi tracks, each being a mini epic (if that's possible), an ode to love that is more abstract than poetic.

This is a band that is hard to classify as they like to experiment, borrowing cues from funk, post-rock, shoegaze and indie pop to create masterpieces that leave you feeling as though you're floating on... acid (#saynotodrugs). A playful use of crescendos and haunting silences adds to the whole experience.

Ricky Eat Acid is signed to Chill Mega Chill and released their first full length album on the label, 'Haunt You Forever' (and it will), in 2011 followed up shortly thereafter by 'Seeing Little Ghosts Everywhere'.

Many tracks from the albums (and numerous pre-label releases) have been featured on various Indie Rock Playlists (BIRP, Dakradha et al.) and are available as free downloads on their Bandcamp profile or through Last.FM. 'ONLY GIRL' and 'Falling Forever and Ever' are definitely worth downloading.

Ricky Eat Acid - 'Only Girl'

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