Twin Shadow

MUSIC | I ♥ Band: Twin Shadow

Lately, everytime I stick my headphones into my ears I find myself searching my playlists for Twin Shadow's 'Castles in the Snow'. This dream pop inspired lo-fi/chillwave song is awesome...

"you're my favourite daydream,
I'm your famous nightmare..."

Very much on trend, borrowing sounds from new wave and synth-pop, Twin Shadow is a man on a mission to make your ears happy with glorious songs such as 'Slow' and 'When We're Dancing'.

Hailing from Brooklyn, NY, Twin Shadow is a one man band who has won accolades from the big players in the mainstream music press. Twin Shadow is currently touring and you might catch him at any one of numerous festivals around the world.

Don't forget to cop his latest EP entitled... um... something like... oh yeah - 'Forget'. There's also a free new track over at his website.

Twin Shadow - 'Castles In The Snow'

Label | 4AD

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