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Hello internets, and welcome all you hipsters, scenesters, cool kids, haters et al. to my little bloggywog.

This is just a little note to say hi and to let you know what this blog deally is all about. It's all about the money so buy stuff I tell you to buy! Go to places I tell you to go and do stuff I tell you to do!! No seriously, it's about cool bands I'm liking, new music, hipster fashion, lifestyle and culture.

So, I'll be making recommendations as to banks I think are awesome and that you should go check out, clothes I'm rocking, places I'm going and random other bits and pieces. I hope you like it!

Also, here are some cool welcome mats I came across whilst sourcing the pic above!

My faves are the 'Beware of the Dog' one in the second block with the bite taken out of it and the 'You Look Nice Today' one from the third block (which I believe is available at H&M). What's your favourite?

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