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I recently bought some dope new kicks (good to see those A grades in English have stood me well) and simply cannot stop myself from looking at them. They're lovely (post coming soon, I promise). In any event, my mind on my shoes and my shoes on my mind has reminded me to write a little somethin' somethin' about my current favourite shoegaze band (clever little intro about gazing at shoes, you get it?).

Genius wordplay aside, Widowspeak is the band I am referring to. This Brooklyn based (Washington natives) trio have had something of a meteoric rise over the last year or so, having formed in 2010 and having secured a recording contract after only a handful of serious gigs.

It's not all that hard to see why. The band has a style not dissimilar to The Raveonettes, sultry, slightly lazy yet sweet vocals over post-punk guitar rhythms recorded with a distinctly lo-fi quality. Like The Raveonettes, Widowspeak borrow that twanging guitar from sixties surf rock (there's definitely a hint of Dick Dale and The Del-Tones), especially on 'Harsh Realms' and 'Nightcrawlers'. This results in a dark, slightly sinister, undertone that is quite captivating in a sort of I can't work out just why I like this so much way (like psychobilly I suppose). The band sit perfectly within the shoegaze genre as, despite the rich layering of guitars and drums, there is a bleakness to the music, a dreamy emptiness that even the sweet vocals cannot fill. Filled with a sense of longing and nostalgia, feeling like I need to escape the city for the country, I'm constantly replaying 'Harsh Realms' on the iPod this week and will continue to do so... we need Widowspeak. And you need to go listen to them as my words cannot do them justice!

The album, 'Widowspeak' is out now on Captured Tracks.

Widowspeak - 'Harsh Realm'

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