Youth Lagoon

MUSIC I ♥ Band: Youth Lagoon

I don't know why but I've always had a major thing for songs that start slowly with a simple vocal or tune and then build and build and build until you expect the whole wall of sound to come collapsing down on you. It's the build up that gets me, the tension that you feel, the excitement. This is why I've been loving Youth Lagoon since forever. His songs manage to capture the excitement of a naughty dream... surreal, tense, exciting (I'm repeating myself). They're happy and sad and fun and dangerous all at the same time.

Evocative and emotional lyrics (in a folksy vain) delicately laid over repetitive lo-fi-esque guitars, weaved into retro-futuristic drum patterns and spliced with synthy samples resulting in a rich but relaxed musical fabric, a comfort blanket for your ears.

'July' is one of those songs that you don't want to end but as the rhythm picks up and the song becomes more complex you start to feel that you're hurtling towards some happy place. You want to be there but you know that once you get there it's all over. 'Cannons' is a tamer affair but still equally happy and pleasing to the lugs, again seeming to perfectly capture (repeating myself again) the essence of summer.

The 'Year of Hibernation' is one of those albums you gotta own. Get it quick!

Youth Lagoon - 'July'

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