10 Rappers We ♥

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ASAP Rocky
Das Racist
Homeboy Sandman
KiD CuDi
Kid Sister
Kidz in the Hall
Scroobius Pip
Shabazz Palaces
The Cool Kids
Tyler, the Creator

I'm currently reading 'I Am Charlotte Simmons' by Tom Wolfe and am feeling inspired by the lyrics of the featured rapper - Doctor Dis. My man be spitting fire;

"Know'm saying?
What you saving yo' c@#t for, bitch?
Some rich old sucker you be huntin' for?
Motherf@#ker he be stuffing s@#t up his nose, too,
For a brain f@#k, ain't having no truck with ho's, yo.
Know'm saying?"


Don't get me wrong, I'm still a fan of old school hip-hop but I've got to admit that I am loving the current crop of hipster rappers (hipster-hop as I like to call it), who eschew violence, guns and degrading lyrics in favour of skinny jeans, bright colours, party songs and intelligent wordplay.

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