Sorry boys & girls, I've been away from the internets a while due to real life commitments... but I'm back! Yay! It's Valentine's Day so it's all about love here on ihearthipster. I'm starting with an artist I love at the moment - A.P. WITOMSKI. A.P. is an unsigned French artist who makes dreamy, electronic indie pop music with an edge. There's something different about his stylised, hazy sound that has me tingling when I listen to him. Clangy, synthy background noises add a classic French robotic dance feel to the music that transports me right up to Laputa: Castle in the Sky (has anybody else seen this movie? I loved this when I was a kid).

I've been a fan of artists like Daft Punk, Cassius and Air for a long-time and I reckon that A.P. WITOMSKI must be too, as there are definitely elements of these great electronica bands in his music, albeit that his style is very much more contemporary, fusing this classic French sound with futuristic shoegaze.

My personal favourite track to date is 'Shin Junk Prototypes'. It's a bit more synth-pop and reverb heavy than some of his other tracks and this is much more my kind of thing. 'Zenith October' and 'Holger Danske' are cleaner, poppier sounding tracks though and seem to be the more popular for it.

The most recent album, 'Nine Melodies & Other Visions', is available for free download on his bandcamp page. If you like what you hear then why not consider making a donation to his cause by buying the album. Every little bit helps great artists to keep doing what they do.

A.P. WITOMSKI - 'Shin Junk Prototypes' 

Stay tuned for details of upcoming album, 'Transmissions'

www | apwitomski.bandcamp.com
Label |  Unsigned
Tags | dream pop, electronicapost-gaze

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