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I'm a little ashamed of myself for not knowing about this band sooner, despite the continuous plays on the radio (I don't listen to the radio) and the band being bigged up by various high profile DJs, critics and bloggers. In fact, I was blissfully unaware of this awesome post-punk/shoegaze, indie rock outfit until a rare evening in watching 'Later With Jools Holland' (don't judge me). Chapel Club were one of the feature bands and played 'Surfacing' live on the show. Wow. That's a choon!

I have, of course, remedied my poor knowledge of this band and have picked up their album, 'Palace'. It's fantastic. Songs such as 'All the Eastern Girls' and 'The Shore' are heavily on rotation on my iPod but it's still all about 'Surfacing', sampling 'Dream a Little Dream of Me'. Lewis Bowman, has a great deep voice that plays gently over the instrumentals (in a very Morrissey-esque way) with a lazy playful swing that is instantly agreeable and adds depth to what are anthemic, stand-out songs in the shoegaze revival scene. Could this band be the Joy Division for the young generation?

The band, based in London, are signed to Loog Records and have recently completed touring.

If you get over to their website you'll be rewarded with a little treat. 'Waterlight Park' is currently available for free download. Yoink!

If you know of any bands similar to these guys then you have to let me know!! This is very definitely my bag right now.

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Label |  Loog Records
Tags | post-punk, shoegaze

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