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This is a very cool indie band that I totally love.

Some years ago I had the pleasure of watching the Delays performing live at a venue in Dublin called The Sugar Club (this is an unusual spot - a nightclub that is set out like a theatre so there are tiers of seats with tables, cascading down to the stage area - my first night in there involved pitchers of cocktails whilst a salsa band performed on stage, couples gyrating to the music on the dancefloor in front of the stage and a scene of a girl pleasuring herself on the cinema screen behind the band? Random). 

I've been a fan of the band since forever, after hearing 'Long Time Coming' on a freebie CD that was dished out with the Irish Times, and thus I was stoked about seeing them perform. They delivered, big time.  Actually, I nearly didn't get to see the gig as I ended up trapped in a cubicle as the latch was broken. I had to stand up on the toilet and wait ten minutes for somebody to come in and ask him if he could force the door from the other side... he had to go out to the barman to get a screwdriver and unscrew the latch from the outside... (in b4 cool story bro). At a later visit to the little boys' room that evening I shared the story with this dude standing beside me at the urinal, much to his amusement. Turned out that was Aaron Gilbert, the keyboardist.

Aaron, his brother Greg, Colin and Rowly formed back in 2001 and have been making awesome, widely praised, dreamy indie pop since. They have a very distinctive sound which clearly displays the band's britpop influences as well as the angular post-punk of peers such as Franz Ferdinand (with whom the band have shared the stage), all of which sets the backdrop for Greg Gilbert's fantastic raw falsetto vocals. The wide variety of genres and styles that the band incorporates gives their songs a truly timeless quality and is widely appealing - there's definitely something for everybody on each of their albums.

The best tracks, hands down, are 'Long Time Coming', 'Valentine' and 'Hooray'.

If you don't already know these tracks, you are in for a serious treat. The band are currently signed to Lookout Mountain and released their last album, 'Star Tiger Star Ariel' back in 2010. Here's hoping album number five is on the way! My brother likes this band so much he actually has two copies of all their albums!! F@#king weirdo. Who does that?

 Delays - 'Star Tiger Star Ariel Minimix'

If you love this band why not show some comments love. Let me know your fave songs or where you've seen them perform. Do you know if there is another album on the way.

Also, any cool gig stories? Any cool toilet stories (keep it cleanish)?

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