Eye Candy: Vanessa Rose

EYE CANDY | Vanessa Rose

Vanessa Rose
Vanessa Rose is a singer-songwriter that I really like. I first came across her from a few songs that were recommended to me by an "internet friend" on purevolume.com (the same friend who recommended that I check out the new electronic stuff from Sonny Moore - former frontman of screamo stalwarts, From First to Last, and now better known as Skrillex).

At the time, Vanessa was fronting One Star Story and they had released a couple of tracks. The track that stood out was 'This Game'. She's still recording as a solo artist and here's hoping that she finds the success she deserves. A talented musician, great singer and also quite stunning... Vanessa is hipster eye candy fer' sher'. Check out her myspace and become a fan. Mmmm.

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