OMFG this band is awesomely dark. HTRK (aka Hate Rock) is that darkwave, hate-gaze, hate-rock, no wave, noise-rock, shoegaze band of the moment (is there another?)...

This painfully cool Australian band, currently based in London, has been making menacing, disturbing, urgent bassline driven music for a number of years but only recently have been garnering the attention that they are so deserving of. Their sound is unique and thus hard to describe (few bands will be tagged with as many genres), being krautrock/new wave inspired, gaze influenced dark electronic, noise-rock that some have labelled as corresponding to the New Weird Australia movement (I'm not sure I agree as the band has been based in Europe for some time).

A rocky road this band have travelled, having relocated several times and, more poignantly, having lost their bassist, founding member and good friend, Sean Stewart in 2010, yet they seem to have been able to grow through these testing times and have truly perfected their craft, as fans and critics alike will attest.

The duo's best known track, and my personal favourite, is 'Eat Yr Heart', an urgent, threatening, minimalist,  tune that is going to blow your speakers and punish your eardrums in a bittersweet way. 'Ice Eyes Eis' is also a great listen though on a different tip, incorporating aspects of art-rock, krautrock and post-dubstep, sounding very much like the soundtrack to a David Lynch movie so cool that you've probably never heard of it... the kind of movie that will feature lots of grainy, black and white scenes of skinny, over-stylised young people smoking... in other words - f@#king cool.

The band are currently signed to avant-garde indie label, Black First Petite, who released their album 'Work (Work, Work)'. It is also a GA4L.

HTRK - 'Eat Yr Heart'

Plus if you'd like to get to know the band better than you do already, why not google their nudie pictures...  there seems to be a few topless pics out there. That's hot.

Also, if I've missed any genre tags for this band, let me know! How would you describe this music?

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Label |  Blast First Petite 

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