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The cream of the crop of the new wave revival scene, Hurts is an English band that have been making eighties inspired pop classics since they formed in 2009, though the band's roots go back longer. In fact, the story goes, that the original line-up, then called Bureau, met whilst their friends were fighting outside a nightclub in Manchester. Bureau had some success but the band started to become concerned about their future and the direction that they were going in. Theo Hutchcraft and Adam Anderson decided to go it alone as a duo and in 2009 Hurts was born.

I first came across this band after seeing the viral video for 'Wonderful Life' on YouTube (very Alphaville and one of their poppier tracks). I was suitably impressed, however I spend a lot of time sussing out new bands and often never hear them again. It was some months later that I heard another of their songs on a friend's iPod. The song was epic and I instantly became a fan. That song was 'Illuminated' which was later featured on an advert for Sky TV (so many of my favourite songs are featured on TV ads...).

The duo have experienced something of a meteoric rise since then, having gone from zero to hero in about 12 months with 2010's 'Happiness' album (one of our GA4Ls) receiving critical accolades from far and wide. It was one of my most played albums of 2010 and 2011... and probably will be for 2012 too!

The band borrow heavily from the synth-pop and new wave sounds of the New Romantic movement of the late eighties albeit a little less tinny sounding than their forebears. Nonetheless, their sound is very much reminiscent of that scene's italo-disco bands like Pet Shop Boys and Erasure and, while this is very much on trend at the moment, it remains to be seen whether the band will be able to build upon their initial success without simply reworking the same old formula. Music trends, like fashion, can change very quickly. The hipster snob in me is also somewhat concerned by the fact that my uncle likes this band as much as I do...

Stand out tracks, imho, are 'Illuminated' and 'Better Than Love' so make sure to get these onto your iPod if they aren't already.

I gather the band are back to the notepad and studio with intentions of penning album number two after completing their Happiness promotion tour. Fingers crossed we hear some of it soon. Maybe there'll be some darker tracks on it?
Certainly previous tracks have lent themselves well to dubstep remixes and many of the band's contemporaries have worked hatewave/post-dubstep (genre dropping) into their sound to good effect.

Hurts - 'Illuminated'

Did you get to see these guys live on their recent tour? How was the show?

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