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As I sit here in this icebox of a room (it's sub-arctic weather here in London and my boiler has just decided to take a break from working - brrrrr! and grrrrr!), I'm listening to The Kabeedies, a great indie pop band with a lovely, tropical, summery sound. Their music puts me in my happy place (which right now is a beach in Bali)...

This four-piece have a delightful ska tinged, jangly post-punk sound that bathes you in the warm glow of sunshine. Vocal duties are shared amongst the band, thus ensuring plenty of variety in their recordings and the opportunity to play around with different styles best befitting whomever is delivering the vocals.

'Sideburns', from 2009's 'Rumpus' album, is probably the song that really made people sit up and take notice of this band. A punky, shouty song with the band's only female member - Katie, taking lead vocals, it sounds a lot like something you might hear from Pretty Girls Make Graves or the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. From the new album, 'Soap', you've just gotta give 'Eyes' a listen, with it's twanging, surf rock style, guitar rhythyms and subtle saxophone melodies, this is a colourful and fun song that will make your ears smile. 'Santiago' has a similar vibe albeit a more distinctly British indie pop style reminiscent of The Futureheads or The Maccabees.

The band are currently touring the UK so make sure you get yo'self some tickets fool (sorry, I'm eating a Snickers and feeling like Mr T. right now). Get some nuts, urrrgh.

The Kabeedies - 'Eyes'

I've included a link to 'Eyes' from their record label, Munich Records, on soundcloud. Check it out, I promise you won't be disappointed. It looks like this track is available for free download on their page too so fetch. Good dog.

Any idea what the name's about? I'd love to know. Also, does anyone else remember Snickers being called Marathon back in the day? I was at a dodgy newsagent shop the other day and saw a Marathon cardboard box on the floor... can't still be good to eat.

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