Moustachioed Ballerinas

LULZ | Moustachioed Ballerinas

Moustachioed is a fantastic word? What kind of a Scrabble score is that right there? A winning Scrabble score, that's what kind! I have a disturbing affection for the mo... perhaps it's because my girlfriend won't let me grow one (though I've occasionally been able to get away with a full beard).

This weird obsession has lead to my having a small collection of obscure pictures featuring the infamous hipster 'stash that I've culled from the internets. This is one of my favourites just because... well, why?

Part of me is aware that were some brave soul to make such a skirt for real, there probably is a market for it. Why do hipster girls dig the dirty moustache so much? Is is some form of penis envy?

If you've got pictures like this then defo send them to me.

Artist | Unknown
Source | Unknown

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