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I'll always have a soft spot for great Irish bands - I lived in Dublin for a number of years so I guess this is inevitable. There is a very creative and vibrant music scene in Dublin and this is reflected in the number of bands that have done so well on the international stage.

tieranniesaur is one of these great Dublin bands, which is why I included them in the '10 Irish Bands We ♥' post. This five-piece has been really well received by the Irish mainstream music press and I suspect they'll soon start picking up rave reviews internationally also... watch this space.

Established by husband and wife team, Annie and Padraig, tieranniesaur has fused a really wide range of musical genres into a very distinctive sound. There's elements of funk, disco and hip-hop blended into new wave synth-pop resulting in a really cool, modern sound, like Republic of Loose meets New Young Pony Club, or something. It's cool, too cool, I mean, who else can make songs that mix eighties ultracool pop with seventies porno music. That's pimp. The band is part of the Popical Island movement, a collective of Irish bands that have a tropical indie pop sound. It's so worth checking their roster out, you're going to find yourself with a big f@#king grin on your face.

'Candy' with it's happy, old school drum pattern (which sounds like one of the pre-programmed drum sequences on my old Yamaha keyboard) and simple catchy vocals is going to be the song that is going that appeals to most but I'd also recommend listening to 'In the Sargasso', which has a much more synth-pop feel, and 'Here Be Monsters' with its driving urgent basslines and nonchalant vocals and Abba-esque chorus.

The band is set to play dates in the UK next month so try and get along to see them. I'm hoping to make their Paddy's Day gig, yay! In the meantime, get yourself a copy of the debut album - 'TIERANNIESAUR!'.

Have you been to one of their gigs? How was it? What other Irish bands are you a fan of?

www | tieranniesaur.bandcamp.com
Label |  Popical Island 

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