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One of the best labels out there at the moment has got to be Norse Projects. This Danish brand oozes cool with clean lines and simple colour schemes that suit just about everybody. The focus here is on quality,  simplicity and comfort. A streetwear brand, undoubtedly, but you won't find oversized graphic tees, shiny studs and s@#t like that on their gear.

The Spring/Summer 2012 Collection has recently been revealed and there are some tasty bits in it. More athletic wear than casual wear in this collection, but even the sweats are cool and presentable (you'd expect as much given the brand's pricing scales). As always, the beanies and snapbacks are where it's at, and Norse Projects always deliver here. I've chosen some of what I reckon are the best bits from their collection and the other lines currently available to purchase through their online store. The parka is a definite buy for me... where's that credit card?

Norse Projects also works on a number of... um... projects with other designers to come up with awesome ltd edn pieces, such as the shoes above made in collabo with Keds.

Get over to their website for more about this brand, their online store and other projects the team is involved in.

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