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I'm a big fan of and especially like the free download recommendations based on my listening habits. A band recently suggested to me was The Red Crayon Aristocrat Club, a new wave/electroclash band from Spain. I really liked what I heard, as I knew I would because I like the band's name! Good names make for good bands, right?

This particular band has been doing what they does for a while now and what they does is synth heavy, bassline driven darkwave with gothic overtones. Eighties style 808s, drum patterns and guitar rhythyms are used to great effect ensuring that their music doesn't have the sense of impending doom that on typically finds in this genre. In fact, it rather feels like something from the eighties underground scene and comes off sounding a bit like Ladytron. The band members, Hélène and H. Zombie, make for an interesting duo, who have clearly been influenced by industrial music and the sounds of Fischerspooner and Celldweller. Is it just me or does Hélène sound like Kelli Dayton, one time vocalist for the Sneaker Pimps?

The band released a self-titled EP some years ago on Zorch Factory Records and have recently self-released their album 'All Our Little Monsters'. All of their songs are performed in English.

'Lone Lines', 'Another One' and 'Not for This World' are the songs that are worth checking out first, letting you know what the band is all about - dark electropop. 'Heartbreak' is a bit of a surprising tune which sounds a lot more like the post-punk bands of the early 2000s (it brings The Hives to mind) and is a song that is likely to appeal more to the guitar band purist..

Red Crayon Aristocrat Club - 'All Our Little Monsters'

They aren't on soundcloud so I've linked the album player from their bandcamp page. Actually, if you cheeky monkeys get over to their bandcamp you'll be able to download 'All Our Little Monsters' for the sum total of FREE.

Check your wallets - surely you can afford to pay absolutely nothing for a decent dose of electroclash. Oh yeah, and if you're on why not add me as an internet friend.

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