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Tell me it isn't true... Has My First Earthquake really broken up? Such a shame, it's only a few months since they released their second album - the awesome 'Friction' - a polished, fun, electro-rock á la The Ting Tings (very á la The Ting Tings indeed). This San Francisco band have been (or is that had been?) making quirky weirdo music since 2006 and had been building up quite a following on the underground circuit.

The band cites a plethora of artists as inspirations from Blondie to ABBA but their music has been most heavily influenced by the darker wave and krautrock scene of the eighties coupled with elements of riot grrrl, all of it carried off with a glossy pop finesse. Their music is characterised by punchy drum patterns, post-punk guitars, shouty melodic vocals, dirty synth samples and funky bassline rhythyms which draw from the band's wide range of influences and culminates in a very contemporary sound. Lead singer Rebecca Bortman's voice is instantly familiar (resembling Karen O of Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Katie White of The Ting Tings and vaguely reminiscent of Zooey Deschanel's performances with Von Iva in 'Yes Man').

The band met whilst studying in Pittsburgh but didn't establish My First Earthquake until they were all living in San Fran. Apparently the name comes from an incident that occurred during their first rehearsal - an earthquake struck the city. It was Rebecca Bortman's first earthquake.

The band have put out a number of recordings, including two full-length albums and two EPs. Their best songs to date, in my opinion, are 'Sack Lunch' off the 2008 'Tremors' album, 'Cool in the Cool Way' from 2009's 'Downstairs', 'Ice Queen' from 2010's 'Crush' and 'We Float' from their most recent album 'Friction'.

Their songs cover some pretty eccentric material that can best be described as eclectic in a similar vein to be your own PET.

My First Earthquake - 'We Float'

Rumours that the band has split cannot be confirmed but their MySpace, Twitter and Bandcamp profiles haven't been updated for ages... A tragedy. :(

Nonetheless, get over to their and bandcamp profiles for some freebie tracks. Yoink.

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